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    Finding a VLAN in IPAM



      I have many hundreds of subnets to manage with IPAM. I can't find the way to find a subjet using criterias such as VLAN ID, comments, etc. We can only find IP addresses.

      Can you include this feature in next IPAM releases?


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          Great timing for your questions!

          In the soon to be release version of IPAM, we've expanded the options for search. See this product blog on the new features for IPAM

          What’s in Orion IPAM 1.7?

          Also, if you want to set up groups of commonly used IP Addresses, you can click on a subnet resource (for example, Top XX Subnets by % IP Address Used) then you can Edit. On this screen, you can create filters based on properties of the subnets.

          Does this help?