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    Bug in Orion 10 SP1


      I'm not sure this is the right place to report a bug, feel free to move the post to the proper place!

      Anyway, here goes:

      When I go in to Node Details on any given Node, and press "List Resources",  it turns to the "List Resources" page, but then it hangs, and Firefox displays "Waiting for localhost".

      That of course is a bad idea, since I'm not managing Orion directly from the server it is installed on.

      I have come across this on other pages too, but I can't remember which But the Node Details -> List Resources, I can reproduce every time.


      This is a new bug, introduced with SP1



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          I've noticed something similar:  running NoScript and I need to trust localhost:17779.

          I'd really like to know what the browser is trying to retrieve from the local host.

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              I just started seeing the same message after installing the Engineer's Toolset on my laptop.  I think it has something to do with the SolarWinds Toolset Integration app.  I only see the waiting for localhost message when the integration app is not running.  When it is not running, I experience the same timeout when trying to go into a node's resource list.  As long as the toolset integration app is running, I don't get the timeout.  Also, this only happens in Firefox.  I can still get to a node's resource list even with the integration app turned off if I'm using IE.  I'm still on v10.  I haven't installed SP 1 yet.

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                I don't know if this was introduced in SP1 or has never worked correctly but when adding nodes, the statistics collections and rediscovery interval settings are not being honoured.

                I have set my defaults to 6mins for node statistics and 12 minutes for interface statistics polling but the node details & interface details page still shows the original defaults out of the box;

                10 minutes for nodes and 9 minutes for interfaces.

                I also configured the rediscovery interval to 3695 mins. but the node details page shows 30 minutes for any new nodes added.

                I set up these settings before adding nodes and also selected the re-apply polling intervals button when I first set this up.

                Finally, when adding nodes the allow 64 bit counters check box becomes unchecked when selecting the SNMP password in the box below it.
                You then have to go back and re-select the 64 bit counter box, which is counter-intuitive (pun intended). Most forms start from the top and work downwards....