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    Scheduler Timer, what is for?

      I have never used this software before and today while at my internship they asked me to put in the backup configurations for some new Cisco routers that we are installing at our branch locations. My mentor who seems to be the only one that knows about this software is on vacation and the other guy here doesn't know either. I finished what I had to do for our back up configurations and upon exiting I came across a message that read as follows:

      The scheduler timer is not turned on. In this state the CatTools service will not run any scheduled activities.

      Would you like CatTools to start the scheduler timer before exiting?


      Then I have a yes or no option to click on. My gut instinct tells me to click no and to leave it alone but then again I am not sure if it stopped because I was in the program doing something or if it may have been stopped manually. Does anyody have a suggestion???

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          Steve Welsh

          In order to run 'scheduled' activities when the CatTools UI (Manager interface) is closed, you need to ensure the Scheduler Timer is turned on.

          Therefore, if your backup activities, etc. normally run overnight unattended (with the UI closed), then you should select 'Yes' to this message to turn on the timer.

          Hope this helps.