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    Reporting on Status changed to "Used"


      From within Report Writer or directly againsy the DB I can create SQL queries against the IPAM Event log that shows me when auto scans (user=SYSTEM) have changed the status of an IP Address to Transient or to Available but not Used.  If I edit the query so that it does not specify user =SYSTEM I do see results where the status has manually been set to "Used"  I assume I'm missing something obvious here but can't figure out what it is.  Here is the basic SQL query

      Select Top 1000 *

      From IPAM_Events


      IPAM_Events.Message LIKE '%Status to _Used_%'


      IPAM_Events.UserName = 'SYSTEM'

      As I said if I change status to Transient or Available I get results.  If I have status = Used and delete the username = system I see results from manually setting the status.  It's as if no auto scan has ever changed the status to used.   What am I missing?