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    Orion Report Writer Issues

      Hi all,

      Hope you guys have a great weekend.

      I am trying to genearte reports for Resposnse time, Availability, Packet loss and Interface Utilization.

      The time frame selected is for two weeks and i have four 6500's with close to 50 interfaces on each.

      When i generate the preview, i dont get the complete data for the two weeks. It says formatiing 10000 records. I can see that the pdf which is exported can only have max of 10000 rows. Can this row limitation be increased. Also I want the report to have data for every one hour sample. The report actaully has details for every two minutes. I have attached the screen shots.

      Hoping someone could help me out with this

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            I think report writer defaults to "Top 10000", there is an option tab (Top XX)where you can change this.

            To make sure that it doesn't restrict it to 10k, you can also click on the "Report" in the menu bar and make sure that "Show SQL" is checked.

            Your report will then have an extra tab which shows a read-only version of the sql it is going to use... if it says something like "Select Top 10000 *" then that would be the reason.

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                Hello Marie,

                Thanks for your reply, that really helped. That option within topxx " select only the top XX" was a bit confusing. that could be rephrased as select top XX..

                Currently the detialed retenction is for 7 days. IF i change that to 2 days, does the data for the previous 5 days get averaged on a hourly basis? Or is it that the system just retains the hourly stats and deletes all the rest?

                I feel tweaking the retention timers will reduce the size of my reports for past two weeks as i dont need reports for every two mins. or i could change the polling timer and leave the retention to the default.

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                    In the Latency/Jitter reports that are generated, the values are close to 14 decimals.

                    How can i reduce this

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                      if you change the detailed retention time the data will be summarized but that and tweaking polling times are normally done in response to overall DB size and performance issues.  It sounds like you can get what you want without doing any of that by editing your report to "summarize data" either hourly or by day.

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                          Hello Ralph,

                          thanks for your reply,

                          I had summarized it as hourly basis, but the reports still shows the details for every 2 mins.

                          Fo the dates where the database has consolidated the data, i get only the hourly statistics, which is obvoius. for the dayts where the database hasnt been consolidated, i still get the 2 min stats.

                          I am looking at these finer details since these reports have to be send to a Regulatory authority and hence it has to be consistent across.

                          Hope the team could suggest some thing.

                          I am looking at automating all these reports to the mail, The reporting functionalities has gone for a toss.



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                              i also have the same problem . orion report show me details every two minutes .

                              we i install it first time this issue wasn't appear i get report detail every 1 hour , but i don' t know what happened ?

                              is there is any suggestions to mke the report output detail every 1 hour not 2 mins . ?

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                                  please help me in this, it is very big issue 

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                                      Maybe you can provide some more details on the report in question?  Best guess is (assuming you have the summarization tab set to what you want) is that you have something in the "Select Fields"  that can't be summarized.  Quick example would be if it's a UnDP Historical Report and you have one of the Select statements as Status with the function set to * then you will get every entry in the table.  If you simply change the Status function to MAX or Average then your report view will respect what you have configured in the Summarization tab.