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    Top 10 Wireless Clients by Traffic Web Element Incorrect


      I have the Top 10 Wireless Clients by Traffic web element showing on my top 10 tab.

      This should show top 10 highest traffic clients...but it doesnt...

      The web element shows this..


      But i know for certain that a client on an AP has used over 3.2 GB of data Tx.. but this does not show?


      This code shows the correct values..

       TOP 10
       rc.Client_MAC AS MAC_Address,
       rc.NodeID as NodeID,
       rc.Client_Name AS Name,
       AVG((rc.TotalBytesRxPerSec + rc.TotalBytesTxPerSec)) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Rx_Tx,
       AVG(rc.TotalBytesRxPerSec) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Rx,
       AVG(rc.TotalBytesTxPerSec) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Tx,
       SUM((rc.TotalBytesRxDiff + rc.TotalBytesTxDiff)) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Rx_Tx,
       SUM(rc.TotalBytesRxDiff) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Rx,
       SUM(rc.TotalBytesTxDiff) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Tx
      INNER JOIN Nodes on Nodes.NodeID = rc.NodeID
      ( rc.DateTime BETWEEN DATEADD(day, -1, getdate() ) and getdate() )

      GROUP BY rc.Client_MAC, rc.Client_Name, rc.NodeID

      But it does not show what the access point name is?

      1. Can somone tell me why the standard Top XX Wireless Client by Traffic is showing incorrect data, and/or

      2. How do I link the above sql code to the AP_Name (that comes from a wireless controller).. so that I get a report of top 10, but in the same format as the below..Links the Client Traffic, the AP Name and the Controller.