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    IPAM - Reserved status change questions


      I have placed an ip address into reserved status and added some information to it (comments and custom fields we created). The ip address is not active yet.

      Questions -

      1. When the ip address becomes active, will IPAM change the status from reserved to active and populate the dns with the device name? Also, will it retain the (comments and custom fields we created).

      1A. If the ip does not dynamically update itself, then is changing the status to "used" the only way to get the name to autopopulate

      2. If an ip is set to reserved status, will it prevent the ip address from "ever" going into transient status.

      3. If an ip is set to reserved status, does that mean Solarwinds is not scanning it?

      I am very new to the IPAM product so bear with me if this question seems too fundamental. I have reviewed the guide and forums, and I did not see anything which answered my questions.

        • Re: IPAM - Reserved status change questions

          1.) yes, it will overwrite any discovered fields tho (and leave custom and comment field). if the IP disappears, it will go into transient and then available (if you didnt set the subnet or the specific IP to not scan). If you want it to stay in reserved state, just disable the scanning on that single IP or the whole subnet.

          2.) no, see above (you can set the amount of days it will stay in transient too, i believe 2days is standard but you can set it to a maximum of 340days)

          3.) no, thats what the option to turn off scanning (edit properties of the IP or subnet) is for