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    Another problem with Top Talker Alert


      Doesn't like certain characters in the  Link Description:  This case a leading single quote.


                                                                                                                             Interface  RTR_CCP-Serial0/1/0 · 'T1 to Antares BCWD - #2' on RTR_CCP received at  88% of its utilization, which triggered this alert. MACRO SQL ERROR -  Incorrect syntax near 'T1'.

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          The fast workaround here is to rename interfaces (in Orion), whose names contains single or double quotes or curly bracket(s).


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            We were bit by this too.  I did ask that a bug report be filed, but we went down the <rename the interface in orion> route to solve the problem.  Looking forward to hearing that a fix is in place, so when we add additional interfaces, we don't have to worry about it again.


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                good news is that we've found hopefully acceptable workaround here: you need to run this query against your Orion Database. Please notice that this action requires additional skills working with database, so it's highly recommended to open support ticket if you have any doubts about how to do this.

                UPDATE dbo.NetFlowAlertMacros SET Macro=REPLACE(Macro,'${NetObjectName}', '${Caption}')
                WHERE ID='InterfaceDetailsLink'

                UPDATE dbo.ActionDefinitions SET Title=REPLACE(Title,'${NetObjectName}', '${Caption}'), 
                Parameter1=REPLACE(CAST(Parameter1 as VARCHAR(1000)),'${NetObjectName}', '${Caption}')
                WHERE AlertDefID='8AAA3F9E-BA13-425F-B662-069D06A17383' OR AlertDefID='81232BFA-BE4F-47D2-AAC7-5177A29F6C10'

                UPDATE dbo.Interfaces SET Caption=REPLACE(Caption,CHAR(34),char(32)) -- " 
                UPDATE dbo.Interfaces SET Caption=REPLACE(Caption,CHAR(39),char(32)) -- ' 
                UPDATE dbo.Interfaces SET Caption=REPLACE(Caption,CHAR(123),char(32)) -- { 
                UPDATE dbo.Interfaces SET Caption=REPLACE(Caption,CHAR(125),char(32)) -- }

                not very good news is that this is not permanent solution and will work only for devices already added to Orion. If you add new device with unsupported characters in interface names ( '' ' { } ) you will need to re-apply that query. You will need also re-apply it after every run of Configuration Wizard.

                Our Team is working on permanent solution right now. Please be in touch and thank you for your patience and collaboration!