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    The impacts of migration of NPM v9.5 to NPM v10 sp1


      Hello everyone,
      I use NPM v9.5, and I regularly CPU overload problem when I reboot my server.
      I read in this forum that this problem is corrected with NPM v10 sp1.
      I'd like to know are the impacts of migration of NPM NPM v9.5 to v10 sp1?
      It's urgent please



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          Can you explain further what you are looking for?  The upgrade from v9.5 to 10 should be pretty straight forward.

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              Bonjour Brandon,

              Il ya quelques jours j'ai posé un problème de surcharge de CPU par le service SWTrapService.exe
              Je suis un intégrateur de solution, j'ai implémenté SolarWinds dans une entreprise qui a acheté les licences suivantes (NPM v9.5 SLX, APM v3 AL100, NTA v3.6 SLX, NCM v5 DL200, IPSLA 5 devices, IPAM IPX)

              Depuis un mois mon client se plein de la lenteur du serveur, après des recherches j'ai contacté que le services SWTrapService.exe utilisait le CPU à 85% à chaque fois que le serveur redémarre. en parcourant ce forum, j'ai lu que ce probleme était lié à la version 9.5 de NPM et la version 10 sp1 de NPM corrigeait ce bug.

              pour ne pas perdre la confiance de mon client, je dois absolument résoudre ce problème.

              j'aimerai donc savoir les  problemes que je pourais rencontrer dans le serveur et dans le reseau en migrant ma solution de NPM v9.5 à NPM v10 sp1

              Autre chose :en tant qu'integrateur des solution SolarWinds est-il possible d'avoir un compte de support sans achater la licence? car comme je l'ai dit mes clients achètent les licences et moi je déploie la solution.

              Merci d'avance


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                  I upgraded a multi server installation from NPMv9.5.1 to 10SP1 and it took ages to upgrade the database as there are SQL schema changes & our database is very large. Also, the next time that the scheduled SQL houskeeping started, it found many orphaned entries and again it took ages to complete. But the responsiveness now is incredible.
                  There have been numerous product improvements and the maps are displayed from cache while they are being regenerated. It really is worth the pain of upgrading.
                  Additionally we have disabled the automatically-baseline-at-reboot option from the Admin > Polling Settings > Calculations & Thresholds > Baseline Calculation (Advanced). Then remove the check from this box. This allowed us to return the system to our Ops folk much faster than usual.
                  There is a separate thread about IE8 integration & its quaint security promts.

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                We noted increased activity on the SQl box and some issues with connecting to the poller and a rather significant increase in the number of issues we have with getting devices into and out of un-managed mode. Other then that its been fine.