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    Problems with Un-manageing / Re-manageing nodes

      We have NPM 10 SP1 and APM 3.1. We run on W2K3 and have virtualized our Poller, Web and SQL pieces.

      What happens is we go to place a mode in un-managed mode and it shows on the management screen as un-managed. Only its not. If you go to another site or screen and then come back, its still shown as up. We use a SQL query (in a report)  to list un-managed servers, their status and when they went in and when they will come out... it will show them in the report as thier REAL status (up or down) as opposed to UN-managed despite having a start and stop time in the DB for that un-managed state. Later, some 15-30 minutes later, the status will actually change. If you do the un-managed mode in advance (hour or more), it goes into Un-managed mode properly. Coming out of un-managed mode  seems to be fairly ok, if the time is as setup.. if you go to pull them in early, it delays 15-30 minutes before properly coming back into managed mode.

      We did not have problems like this before 10.0. Anyone else seeing these issues? Anyone got an idea on correcting it?