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    Q: List of AIX 6.1 MIBs to enable?


      I'm using Orion NPM v10 and looking to monitor AIX servers.

      I'm enabled the following MIB and all subtrees. 

      I've configured snmp v3 and have it successfully pulling some data from the AIX servers.

      However, I am not receiving CPU information and the overall AIX monitoring experience has been lackluster.

      Can someone provide me with a list of MIBs that I should enable to have Solarwinds work properly with AIX? 

      Is there any other steps that I should do, to make this product worth renewing?


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          Capt. Obvious

          Starting with AIX 6.1, the default configuration of the SNMP daemon has changed. The change will not occur if you have migrated from an earlier version of AIX. Only new installed systems will show this changed behavior. none of the snmp based commands will work any more.

          AIX 6.1 has limited the amount of values that can be viewed from the MIB tree. The change can be found in the file /etc/snmpdv3.conf. Search for the following line:

           #VACM_VIEW defaultView       internet                   - included -

          Just remove the leading comment sign and restart (not refresh) your snmp daemon. Afterwards, everything will work fine including clstat and cldump. 

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              Capt. Obvious

              in addition locally on the AIX device ruin the following:

              # snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost host


              # snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost mib-2


              what does it return (change public to your actual community string) this will give you what is available to you.  once you determine what MIB's the device answers to you can poll them quite easily using a UnDP poller. However you must first determine if your SNMP agent is setup properly

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                  I have SNMP correctly configured.  I am able to poll MIB values from within the UnDP creator.


                  I would assume that there is a list of MIBs that NPM can handle out of the box.  I would expect to be able to monitor CPU load, memory usage, volume usages, etc...


                  I can see volume information....


                  I do not see any CPU information, but I can use the UnDP creator to poll and pick the load value and see data returned?

                  I can select the CPU/Memory from the list of resources to monitor, but do not see any CPU information on the default node summary page. 

                  What level of AIX monitoring should I expect out of the box from this product? 

                  If I have to create a bunch of UnDP pollers.  I can do that, but so far I'm a little disappointed with the out of the box support.

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                      Capt. Obvious

                      the OID you have listed here is the standard RFC for CPU this IS supported out of the box and in fact used for CPU utilization polling from Orion. This seems like something better suited for a support ticket as the behavior you are describing is not normal

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                          I opened a support ticket prior to posting this question.

                          So far, I've been told that their support for AIX is lacking and that maybe I should think about UnDP.  Also, I was given a link where I can download user provided content.

                          On a personal level, I begin to wonder why I'm not running an opensource product.  If I have to build the pollers myself, or rely on customer created content.

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                    I would appriciate if you would  post a sample of your configured SNMPV3.CONF?. I have to configure a lot of AIX 6.1 and don't have any experience with SorlarWind Orion NMP.



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                      Dear Kevin,

                      we are trying to config SNMP i am getting some problem can u send me the sample copy of SNMP.