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    NPM v10 Upgrade/Migrate or vice versa


      I am looking to upgrade my Orion v9.5.1 to v10 SP1 and also move it from a Windows 2003 server to a Windows 2008 server (new IP address).

      I already have reconfigured all my devices to point to the new Orion server.

      My dilemma is should i upgrade before i migrate or migrate and then upgrade? My database backend will remain the same..

      My thought was to upgrade to v10 first. Give it 2 weeks, then have a fresh install on the Win 2008 server and point over the DB.

      Any suggestions?

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          Capt. Obvious

          Simply use the license manager to "park" your license from your old server.  Install version 10 on your new server and activate the liscence. then run the configuration wizard pointing to your database housing the 9.5.1 DB and the configuration wizard will then upgrade the DB to version 10.


          You may have to ensure the nodes are all assigned to the propper engine id afterwards.

          To resolve this issue perform the following:


          Go to Start>Programs>Solarwinds Orion>Monitor Polling Engines


          Click on Servers> Poller Load Balancing


          Then Select all nodes


          Click Polling Engines> Move Selected Nodes to (and choose your new poller)


          Then click on Polling Engines> Delete Unused Polling Engines...


          Let me know if this resolves your issues.

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            You can do that.  Only thing I will call out to consider is any custom reports you create etc. that reside on the server file system will need to be copied over to the secondary.