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    NPM Service


      Can someone explain this for me. I've been having problems with our NPM 8.5.1 for quite some time now and have been looking for an answer.I know from reading other posts that this version is rather buggy (NPM service hanging) and SW states that they have fixed this in release 9 but so far we haven't gotten the approval to upgrade yet.

      I was looking through the CFG files the other day and all seem readable except for the SWNetPerfMon.cfg which looks like this.

         Standard Jet DB    µnb`    âUé©gr@? œ~ÿÿ…š1åyºí0¼ßìcùäãÿFûš¼N¡mì7zòœúáè(æ4 š`s{6òäß±PbCè9±3÷y[µ#|*¯ð|™ ˜ýèjéu™ú‚f_•øð‰$…gæ 'DòîïeíÿçF¡x íé-bôT  4.0 

      Is there anyway to repair this? I don't want to reinstall NPM but if I have to then I guess I will. I'm just trying to exhaust all other alternatives first.