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    No TFTP service on server

      Noob here looking for some assistance with the following:

      I have Solarwinds TFTP running on my pc which is on our network. I am trying to update the firmware in our Symbol Wireless access points using the AP's web portal.

      When I perform the function, I will eventually get the message: "No TFTP service on server" reported by the web based app. I am using my pc's ip address in the Symbol web update screen as the location of the TFTP program.  The Symbol AP is an AP4131.

      Also, I do see SolarWinds TFTP Server running (started) as a local  service on my pc.    

      Finally on the Server Bindings tab of my SolarWinds TFTP Server I have "Bind to all addresses on machine" tab checked and my pc's ip is showing in the "currently available addresses" panel.

      Thanks for any suggestions.