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    "Ping Now" button when adding an ICMP device


      While mass-adding random devices, I often find that the new devices do not respond to SNMP, as their owners suggest, because of firewalls, ACLs or because the host is not correctly setup to respond to the polling engines. In this situation, I prefer to at least monitor them with ICMP until the SNMP access issue is resolved. Enabling the "ICMP (Ping only)" check box within the "Add Node" page allows me to continue and enter all of the other details and the device's Custom Properties. And then, when the device does not even respond to ICMP from that polling engine I find out that I was given the wrong IP address for it. So, then I have to delete the device and start again later. 

      It would be very useful to be able to hit a Ping Now validating button in the same way that an SNMP enabled device is checked with the Validate SNMP button.

      Is there a function for this on the Add Node page that I've missed?