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    [Solved] Polling engines goes down after upgrading NPM to V10 Incl. SP1.


      After upgrading from NPM 9.5 SP4 to V10 with SP1, my Polling engines goes down.

      Under "Admin" / "Polling engines" status equals Down. I have an addtional polling engine which also is marked as down.

      NetPerfmonService are runing on both servers, but cpu usage is 0??? Look at picture.

      I can not stop the service, unless i am using task manager. Restarting the service does not solve the problem. Restarting all SolarWinds services does not solve the problem. Reboot of servers solve the problem, for a while.
      Last time the Polling worked for 15 hours before the polling engines went down again.

      I have a suspicion to the primary poller. Maybe its only necessary to boot the primary poller.

      Anybody have a clue on whats going on?

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          We had polling stop several times since NPM 10 Sp1. I heartily recommend a reboot of the poller and the SQL box as a start. We had issues with the DB connections timing out. Orion support busted our chops about running SQL on a VM on a SAN but its been that way since 7 and been running fine (course it may be that 10 is different... we're still holding our breath to see) but when we looked our SQL guy said that the queries and db design were sub-par and that a APM related process had gulped lots and lots of CPU and was stopping the poller form talking to the DB. We downed them all and brought them up and its been better (not perfect) since.