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    Command Scripts view in NCM Web GUI


      Hi folks,

      Another feature request for the web GUI in NCM/NPM through integration.


      Ability to view the results of, and the ability to 'Run now' pre-built scheduled jobs/command scripts in the web GUI.

      Description & Uses

      Although having a view of the scheduled jobs would be useful, the real driver for this request is the ability to kick off and view the results of prebuilt command scripts in the NCM web GUI. Some of the advantages of this would be:

      - Using cisco Marco commands in the script that could be composed of multiple 'show' commands. The results returned from this macro command script would be a tailored output that would be difficult to reproduce even with custom OID polling. 

      - Real-time results, no polling intervals. The results can be scheduled or the use of a 'Run Now' button would return the most current stats available

      - Displaying the reults from command line queries without giving users direct CLI access to networking devices. Users who might need access to specific info on the devices but who are not authorised or qualified to navigate the cisco CLI, could get their stats through the web GUI by using a 'Run Now' button.

      There are multiple uses for this feature I have only listed those that are currently applicable to myself.