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    One Example, several Feature Requests



       to be able to better display "simple" devices I would like to show their statuses on APM (much easier to look at than a bunch of custom pollers in a table on the node details and advanced alerts that are separate from that)

      Its difficult for me to explain so I think it is best to show an example of what I want to do (its possible already but I would like it to be enhanced and thats easier if you guys know what we are doing with it!)

      This is for example a template for a device which has a lot of different sensors attached in our data center.

      We use the SNMP Monitor for this. What we would really like to see:

      1.) Be able to do calculations on the values returned like in the UnDP (e.g. we get the voltage returned multiplied by 10 on those sensors, 2315 for example, this would really be 231,5V though!)

      2.) Be able to alert on "not equal to" (e.g. sometimes the alert statuses are listed with different numbers but only one of them means up) or even better, select several specific values to alert on as "critical" and "warning". Also between and not between option would be very helpful (like monitoring voltage or current, if within a certain range of values its fine...) <-for this I currently have two monitors for each voltage set up, one that alerts on high values and one that goes for the low ones... that doubled everything of course which had me create a monitor with almost 120components to monitor for just one device with 4sensor units.

      3.) Be able to alert on one OID but display the value of another OID (like we get an alert of "input out of range" and see the actual voltage value) as status and yet another OID as message

      4.) Syslog/trap messages being able to modify the status of a component monitor and/or force to update the value immediately (much like you are now able to already change the status of an interface with a trap). (In this example, the use-case would be to alert on high or low voltage spikes/surges or if I use the example of monitoring a UPS, change the status of the component monitor when the UPS goes on battery for a second)

      5.) be able to fill all fields with OIDs (name the monitor after the value of an OID, the warning level, critical, etc.


      I will do the same thing as above for all of our UPSs, it is just nices to see this in an overview like APM provides (especially with the filtered views now)


      Please tell me if I can do something to explain our needs better.

      PS: nagios has some very nice templates for exactly this (sensors and UPSs), even better than I explained but I am not sure if it can get implemented the same way (the nagios template can automatically discover the amount of sensors, their description, warning and critical values and the actual values)

      PPS: I would appreciate if the PM (chris) could just post a short comment how likely it is that something like this will be considered


      Everyone who would be interested in a feature like this is also welcome to post/comment here just to tell SolarWinds how many people would be interested in something like this.