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    Automating moving DHCP scopes into appropriate supernet


      Is there any way, either in IPAM or an external utility, to have IPAM automatically move discovered DHCP subnets into the smallest appropriate supernet?  I've added my DHCP servers and have not enjoyed manually dragging and dropping each individual subnet (~500 so far, with ~1500 remaining) into the correct supernet.

      I know IPAM can move subnets into the correct supernet if I bulk import subnets, because I already did it for ~1,500 subnets.  IPAM also knows what supernet the subnet goes into because it won't let me put it into the wrong supernet.

      I like IPAM, but things like this are why people say that it is not an Enterprise level application.  If I had to do this for 100 subnets, I'd be a bit annoyed but wouldn't care too much.  When I have to do it 2,000 times and waste ~15 hours over what should take 15 minutes, that's another story.

      Does anybody know of a way to keep me from spending the next couple of days dragging and dropping subnets?