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    Network Atlas Closing when trying to access the Imported graphics


      I am experiencing problems when trying to use imported graphics for nodes in maps, this has been working fine up till recently but now when I try and use an imported graphic from the imported folder there is a wait and then I get the error message

      'Network Atlas has experienced a problem and needs to close'

      I have tried reinstalling Network Atlas but this has made no difference.

      When this problem first appeared I could use an imported graphic once but when I tried a second time it hung, now I can't use them at all.

      I raised a fault ticket (179761) but this is taking for ever to resolve as the guy dealing with the problem appears to be on a difference time zone as I get one email a day after 4:30pm at which point I have already gone home.

      Any ideas, advice would be appreciated.

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          I looked at your support case and it looks like they replied to you earlier today with the following, did it help?

          Can you go to where you keep your imported icons. There should be a file named thumbs.db and  remove that from the folder 
          Im seing a lot of these error
          System.IO.InvalidDataException: File C:\Documents and Settings\21754\ApplicationData\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\Maps\Orion\localhost\NetObjects\Imported\Thumbs.db is not a valid image. ---> System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid

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              I have searched for the file referred to (thumbs.db) and this doesn't exist in that folder and the problem is still apparent. I am unable to acess any of the graphics in the imported folder (via Network Atlas) currently and when I try to it throws up the error and kicks me out.

              The folder that is referred to in the email is one relevant to only me and as this is a problem affecting the other person who uses Network Atlas it didn't seem likely that this could of been the problem.

              I did a search for that file on the server and it appears numerous times in different folders which have no relevance th Network Atlas.

              Are the imported graphics held in the database, could the thumb.db file be used for accessing these in the database via Network Atlas.

              If anyone can give me some help on this I would appreciate it, thanks.