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    NPM Syslog-->NetPerfMon database performance


      We are using NPM10 and the NPM Syslog Server.  Logs pipe to our very stout SQL2008 server and the database lives on a raid 10, SAS15K drives: performance should never be an issue.  We're noticing that the disk I/O and NetPerfMon database activity is through the roof.  We're writing up to 1800 lines per second to the DB.  Can NPM use "bulk insert" for these logs rather than writing one line at a time?  If NPM could cache these in RAM and write ~500 lines at a time, it would take almost the same amout of I/O as one line.  Plus, if we bounced the database server, NPM could cache logs for a few minutes.  Is there any support for this?

      By the way: Kiwi Syslog Server can do this but does not seem to be compatible with NPM.  I'm new here, but am I the only one who doesn't undertand why?  Thanks.

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          Not going to disagree, there are most likely some things we could do more efficiently here.

          Let's take a step back quickly though.  Are you using the Orion DB as your primary log storage mechanism for syslog and traps?  What are your requirements around this?

          Reason I ask is what many customers do it leverage our Kiwi Syslog server in a distributed manner for complete logging so they can archive those off on a periodic basis for auditors and then forward up the critical events to Orion for alerting etc.

          Not sure if this is something that is an option for you.