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    License activation failed.



      I recently cloned our Orion NPM server to a new server and disabled the old server. As expected I needed to reregister our Orion modules. The NPM registration went fine but when it came time to register our Netflow Traffic Analyzer and Application Performance Monitor we ran into problems. At the end of the registration process I get the following message.


      Your license activation failed.

      The license you provided cannot be activated.

      An unspecified network communication error occurred while attempting to activate license.

      Contact Customer Support by opening a ticket at......


      If I login to the web console I see an alert stating


      This Evaluation has expired. Contact SolarWinds for a license.» Details

      Evaluation Details

      You have the following SolarWinds Orion free trails installed:

      ·         Application Performance Monitor v3.5 - Expired

      ·         NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v3.6 – Expired


      We had full versions of both these modules. I currently don't have a support contract so I'm hoping I can get some help with this on the Forums. Any help would be greatly appreciated.