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    Custom time ranges and/or graph drill-down


      I'd love to have the ability to build reports that would only gather statistics during, say, business hours for the calendar period specified.  When trying to generate reports to show 'average' usage of a WAN link, including non-business hours seriously skews the measurement.

      Maybe you can do this already in the web interface, and I'm just not seeing it.  (Haven't looked at reports yet for this...)

      Second, is there a way to drill down on graph?  When I look at bandwidth usage and update a graph for, say, the past 30 days, if I see a spike in the graph, how do I drill down to get a better idea of the time period?  Right now I am manually changing the time period, but I would love to be able to just click on the graph and drill into more detail.  (This feature is one of the few that I loved from an unnamed product this is a 'questioning element on the periodic table' - hehe)

      Any help out there?