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    Cisco ASA 5505 discovery problem



      We have a number of Cisco ASA 5505 devices terminating VPNs all wth ASA software version 7.2(4). When we run a discovery some are imported with no problems but others seem to exchange a few SNMP and ICMP packets but then come up as "no device found". we have checked the configs between ones that work and others that don't and there are no differences other than what you would expect (names and IPs/subnet masks etc). We are using SNMP V2 accross the network and the commands applied to each device are identical.

      Has anyone any ideas please?





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          I had a similar issue with 2 pairs of FWSMs.  One pair would discover fine, but the other pair (on same firmware) would seem to discover but then I would receive the "no devices found" message.

          I logged a case with support.  They came back with this message:

          "Thanks for you patience.  I  received an update from our dev team and in their testing they found that this  is a bug with the discovery engine which will be resolved in the next release.   The only work around is to add the devices manually through the ADD nodes  feature and not the discovery."