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    NPM Report "No Activity to Report"

      I am using NPM v10 SP1.

      I have created some reports in Report Writer and applied filters that only show data for M-F and within my defined business hours.

      When I preview the report in Report Writer, I see the expected data.  When I add the report to the web console, it displays "No Activity to report."

      If I remove my M-F business hours filter, the report displays in the web console.

      If it works in report writer with the filters applied, why does it not work in the web console and how can I fix it so it does?

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          I have the same problem, NPM v10 SP1. Report Writer executes the SQL and displays the SQL query without any problems, within the web interface the report displays 'No activity to report'.


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            I've had the same issue and got a response from Solarwinds support with a solution

            You will need to login to the Orion Server,
            - Go to the Report writer.
            - Choose and edit those reports which are not displaying incorrectly on the web console.
            - On the "General" tab, uncheck "Group historical data by days"
            - Save the report and try running it on the web console again.

            I will briefly explain this new feature as follows:
            The "Group historical data by days" was a feature added in v10 to assist with grouping some of the reports on the web console.

            Pre v10, some of the reports would not group in the web console the same way they were grouping in the report writer, so it lead to some confusion for some of our customers when the reports would not show up exactly the same. This setting helps to correct that issue, for certain reports when the summarization tab is set to use "Hours". When the summarization tab is not to to hours - for example, set to days or months, this setting can cause the issue

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