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    Help!  We Need More Geeky Slogans!

      As those of you who have attended Cisco Live in the US or Europe know, we've been having some fun with stickers and buttons over the last few months.  These aren't any ordinary stickers or buttons, though... we've done our best to make them mostly incomprehensible to anyone except for true IT geeks like you guys.  It's our way of letting you know how special you are to us.  (As a side note, we did have a few parental types who asked for extra stickers to take home to their little ones, which means I can only hold out hope that one day I'll run into a first-grader with a "I have root and I'm not afraid to use it." sticker on his backpack.)

      We've got a running list of slogans for these sought-after items, but we need the collective creative braintrust here on thwack to help us come up with some new ones that are ripe for the printing.  To get the creative juices flowing, here's a few favorites from the current selection:


      • I'm not babbling. I'm just encrypted.
      • I have root and I'm not afraid to use it.
      • My head is in the cloud.
      • I geek, therefore I am.
      • DNS is in my DNA.
      • No, the network is not down.
      • Nice rack.  (Okay, this one isn't printed yet, but we think it's hilarious.)
      • What happens in the server room stays in the server room.
      • It's not that I can't explain it, it's just that you wouldn't understand.
      Rumor has it that I have access to a closet with some coveted SolarWinds tees... I might just have to send a few out for the best submissions, so bring it on!  We can't wait to see what you have to say.
      Thanks for the creative assist,
      PS - here are some photos to inspire, as well...