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    Announcing General Availability of Orion NTA 3.7


      We are excited to announce the General Availability of Orion NTA 3.7.  Below you will find a set of the major features with this new release.  You can download the new release from your customer portal.

      Also, please find the release notes here.

      • Interface Alerts with Top Talker Details - A notification for any interface utilization alert automatically provides a list of the current top talkers on the network 

      Note:NetFlow related Orion Advanced Alerts are enabled by default. As a result you will see alert related Top Talker information in the OrionLast Events resource. For more information, see Chapter 7 in the Orion Network Traffic Analyzer Administrator Guide.

      • New reports let you view statistics on these traffic components in 24 hour intervals:Top Conversations with Applications, Top 50 Endpoints and Top 50 Endpoints by Unique Partners
      • New resources let you more granularly view the composition of your traffic in terms of Top IP Address Group Conversations, Top Traffic Sources by Domain, and Top Traffic Destinations by Domain.
      • Enhanced usability and visualization - Improvements include application integration with Orion and interface changes that help you setup Flow collections and maintain quick, reliable access to detailed bandwidth usage information:
        • A Getting Started resource walks through setting up NetFlow collections
        • Top Conversations resource lists both hostnames and IP addresses
        • Summary views provide access to ingress/egress details on interfaces
        • Unmanaged Interface Events displays interfaces by name.
        • The Web Console displays a warning when the NeflowService service is stopped
        • Configuration Wizard adds an exeption to the Firewall when it is on.
        • A menu bar links to NetFlow related Summary views (requires Orion 10.0)
      • Improved performance - Key Top XX resources, Historical NetFlow Reports, Summary resources, and CBQoS data all load more efficiently:
        • Summary table indexing in the database and filtered querying from the application make this data more available to the user interface and reports.
        • CBQoS Poller enhancements - Orion NTA now performs its own polling, which increases both its performance and reliability.You can configure the polling interval or turn off CBQoS polling altogether, if needed, directly from the Web Console.

                           Note:CBQoS polling functions correctly in Orion NTA 3.7 if you have nested policies

        • Depending on your specific monitoring requirements, for Top Applications, Top Endpoints, and Top Conversations, you can control the efficiency with which data is presented by selecting the number of listed items for which Orion NTA holds and works with data in memory.
      • Increased enterprise scalability - Orion NTA can concurrently monitor 1000 or more NetFlow sources.
      • Now FIPS GPO compatible, Orion NTA can now be installed on Windows Servers on which Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are enabled