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    NPM on 2003-SP2

      Hello ,

      Am new to this forum, was evaluating the NPM demo and ran into lot of issues.

      Hope somebody can help me out with this.

      I am trying to install on a windows 2003 server with SP2 , no antivirus, no firewall.

      During the installation , things stoped during NPM SP1 installation, saying CWGuard.exe couldnot be found and all services all get stopped.

      when i try to open the "web console", an error message prompts me to start the "solarwinds orion module Engine service", however i dont find this service installed.  I could only see the Solar winds Job engine , job scheduler and information service.

      when i try to open the "Service Manager", a prompt says the IIS is not running and thhus the configuration wizard could not install the website. When i check the services, i find that IIS admin service is started.

      I am considering going for the 250 device license, any guidance is highly appreciated.


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          After uninstalling any parts of the NPM evaluation you currently have installed (Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs), and then look for any SolarWinds programs), can you run the installer again? If this doesn't work, or you fail either to start or to complete the Configuration Wizard, please submit a technical support ticket, so we can look at your environment.