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    IP change


      When i change the IP of my server in wchich i installed Network Performance Monitor it started sending alerts to all administrators saying only the node name is down (eg:- 23 is down) when they suggest to change the IP back to the OLD one but i want to know that the exact reason for this is change of the IP or some other reason?


      Pls reply

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          Are you saying that you changed the IP address of the Orion NPM server and when you did that, you received an alert for all of the nodes being monitored that they were in a 'Down' status?

          If that's the case, after you moved the Orion server to the new IP address, did you try to ping any of the nodes being monitored by the Windows command prompt?  What was the result?

          Orion monitors node status by ICMP/Ping.  My thoughts are that if you moved the server to an address space that does not have privileges in your network to ping the devices being monitored, then the devices would appear as 'Down' because hey will not reply to the Ping. 

          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems

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              Thanks for the reply Jason

              I pinged those servers which i added to NPM to monitor using the server in which I installed Solar they all are pinging properly and no data loss is occuring but still if I activate those alerts it starts sending that nodes are down