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    End Points Report

      I think I see a way to leverage existing SolarWinds capabilities to create a powerful new 'End Points' report. Using MAC/CAM table and ARP table information gathered using SNMP, SolarWinds could provide information on every switch and switch port along with all MAC address of the port and associated IP info, as well as any reverse DSN information.

      Here at Idaho National Labs when we discussed Orion as we researched ways to develop a 'white list' of all devices on the network. We found it odd that Orion, which is so well positioned to gather end point information, doesn't have a well developed capability in this respect.

      This issue has been raised on Thwack before. Brian Duvall asks 'Is there a way to join ARP and Bridge Tables' in this thread
      Way to join Bridge and ARP tables??  Need to build "where is this host?" type of reports

      kshannahan notes he's still hanging on to CiscoWorks for this reason
      Switchport Mapping?  (Anyone get this to actually work?)
      and in the comments in that thread, ibaulsir indicated he was looking for the same feature.

      In this thread
      Replacing CiscoWorks User Tracking Reports with Orion NPM?
      quihong asked if Orion could provide the functionality of CiscoWorks User Tracking Reports.

      The Engineer's Toolkit has a utility, the Switchport Mapper, that provides all the info we need, but only for one switch.

      So imagine a NPM/NCM utility that would produce this type of report for all switches?

      Standard disclaimer: if I've missed something fundamental just let me know and I'll shutup. Thanks in advance, everyone.


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          Can I keep voting for this?!?

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              I think that this thread also covers the same issue User Tracking Documentation

              As multiple people express in a number of threads, the user tracking function delivered misses the mark for a large number of customers.

              I also don't understand just why it ended up the way it did. This information is already collected by NCM - why did we end up with a complex solution that didn't deliver the basic function requested?


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                ispanite: Vote early and often. :-)

                savell: Thanks for the link.

                I'm guessing that the reason Orion doesn't have a mature End Points Report is that the ARP tables are in NPM while the MAC/CAM tables are in NCM. Obviously, a SQL join is a simple thing, but an End Points report would require input from both product development teams.

                Grace: Welcome! I'm sure you'll find Thwack to be extremely useful as you manage your Orion installation.

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                    Hi all - 

                    We know user tracking still has a ways to go, and it is on the road map to be enhanced. It's a high-priority item, as we've had lots of feedback on it. I don't have any more news just now - but wanted to let you all know that we're listening. 


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                        Thanks Christine.

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                          Hi Christine,

                          I looks like the bug in the mac forwarding table will be fixed in a service pack, and the related end points report will come in the next NCM release?

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                              Hi Brent - we are working on the mac forwarding table bug now. For the end points report - that is something that is part of a larger issue and I can't say that it will be part of the next release. We've had a lot of feedback on this feature and it is high priority to fix. We want to make sure that when we do, we get it right, so that it serves the major use cases in a way it just doesn't seem to be doing today. So, I can't promise the next release on that one, but I will promise that it is extremely high priority and we're very focused on addressing it.