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    Faster device response


      I am new to Orion NPM. I would like to know if there is a way to configure Orion NPM for a faster display of managed device status?

      For example, when a router interface goes down or comes back up, it takes 10-15 secs duration/about 4-5 manual  hits on "Poll Now" on the node details page to show the device as down (or up).

      Is there a way to reduce this response time?


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          Ok, so Orion is generally NOT a REALTIME monitor but runs on polls and it will mark something down after 3 (i think, but it is configurable)  missed polls.  So if you are polling every 1 minutes, it could take between 2.01 and 2.59 minutes to show as down.  [someone correct me if I'm wrong].

          The way to get notifications more quickly would be to receive SNMP traps or syslogs and ALERT on those, but obviously that doesn't always work if the device just falls over...

          Our environment polls our customer connectivity devices every 2 minutes and everything else every 5 to get more granular accuracy on uptime,etc.. but this does have a load impact on the polling engines, just to keep that in mind.

          Solarwinds does have the "engineers toolkit" that has realtime monitors that you may want to look into, but that is a different beast.  I don't think it writes to a DB for historical, etc...

          hope that helps.