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    Question: How to get control of events.

      So I've got 800 pages of events. Hard to tell what is meaningful.

      Wondering if there is functionality to just clear a certian set like "Data Archive Window Exceeded" which I really dont think means anything to me. Is the functionality there or am I just missing it.

      Why are the rules unchangeable? I mean- I really dont care if a disk limit hits 80%. I'd like to change that to 95 or so but I cant just move in & disable this meaningless rule. Is it possible to do so or again am I just missing this functionality?

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          If you are receiving a large amount of "Data Archive Window Exceeded" messages that can indicate a larger problem like the collector being off or a table that needs re-indexing. 

          The rules are completely customizable. You can remove the default rules from the policies and create your own custom rules that you want to receive alerts on. You can also set thresholds in the policies as well as the wrench pages for the devices in some cases. 

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              Well.. I dont think it is a relavant error... I guess there is no way to eliminate these silly errors? I dont really care about meaningless errors & profiler issues events non-stop which makes me think "is there any meaning to any of these errors?" The Disk Utilizion one is really prevelant & what gets me about it is that some of these systems have had thier agents removed & it still reports critical utilization events. How can it pull any info from a machine without the agent? It just makes me think all these events are meaningless.

              Thanks for the info on the rules- I did figure out how to remove them. Seems to be aimed at a global setting which is why you just cant goto administration/rules to disable them.

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                  It should not be possible to receive alerts from physical servers without an agent installed on them and have been removed from Profiler. If you are monitoring VMware you can receive events from VMs without having an agent installed. Have you cleared these traps and are they still occuring? You can also try setting the Real Time Status levels for warning and error to Off to minimize these events for servers that still have agents installed on them. 

                  Yes, we use our policies to allow for customizing the ability to add certain rules to specific devices without adding them to all devices. 

                  If you're still having issues with alerts you can always open a support ticket here: http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket/

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                      Well.. I didnt say they had been removed from profiler. I think several of these systems have been re-installed & no longer have an agent. Profiler can still ping them.  With that point though, it really bugs me that Profiler says these systems have disk utilization alerts.

                      I've tried to push agents to them & it doesnt work. Trying to find an agent to install manually on Solarwinds site is tough.

                      I have a support call open on another issue.. I'll just hit them up to just get the whole thing working.

                      Thanks for the input though. Glad that Thwack has active posters.

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                        If you are getting the Data Window Exceeded, you are probably having a collection issue.  For other traps, you can have them automatically clear by going to

                        Settings > Server Setup: All > Server

                        Automatic Clearing of Traps Frequency:  How often to clear traps
                        Automatic Clearing of Traps Age: How old do the traps have to be to clear them

                        So if I this to 6 hours and 2 days, Profiler will evaluate traps every 6 hours, and any traps older than 2 days will be cleared (moved from current to historical).

                        To the desired settings.