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    Orion Report Scheduler does not work correctly


      I'm using Orion 2010.1.0 SP1, APM 3.5, NPM 10.0.0 SP1, NTA 3.6 on Windows Server 2008 R2. I'm working on set of reports to be e-mailed to different groups in corporation. I used Report Scheduler at Orion 8 before and were no problems. I realized now that Scheduler works properly only when I'm using my own admin credentials to Orion server. Otherwise I got no errors but no e-mails with reports as well.

      When new job schedule is created it appears in Win Task Scheduler with option to Run only when user is logged on - that is default. When I change that to Run whether user is logged on or not then scheduled job runs and send e-mail but only for my admin credentials (it is not necessary for me to be logged on then). I'd like to admit that I tried on local admin acount and domain admin account as well. 

      Any ideas if that is a bug in Report Scheduler or anything related to Win Server 2008 R2 accounts settings?