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    Wireless traps


        We have a Cisco Wireless controller that is sending its traps to NPM. When I view the taps in NPM, the information I really need seems to have been encoded and is basically unusable.

      Here's an example with a Rogue Detected message:


      bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPName = (removed)
      bsnRogueAPRadioType =  dot11b(1) 
      bsnRogueAdhocMode = no(0) 
      bsnRogueAPOnWiredNetwork =  no(0) 
      bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPSNR = 22 
      bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPRSSI =  -77 
      bsnRogueAPChannelNumber = 6 
      bsnRogueAPSsid =   
      bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPSlotId = 0 
      bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPMacAddress =  ACMzf1+Q 
      bsnRogueAPDot11MacAddress = AA7XToxg 
      snmpTrapOID =  AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB:bsnRogueAPDetected 
      sysUpTime = 145 days 19 hours  58 minutes 19.00 seconds 


         How does one read that MAC address? When the Syslog is sent to Kiwi Syslog, the MAC address is intact. When I view the message on the controller, the MAC address is intact.