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    Node Reboot Madness...


      I have recently had the... umm, opposite of pleasure of adding two new Hitachi SAN devices to Orion.  Unfortunately these devices don't seem to have a very good SNMP implementation because the sysUpTime value is presented but never increments and therefore is always 0.

      The problem that this is causing is that Orion thinks that the box has rebooted every 5 minutes when it polls it.  I was able to exclude the devices from the Alert for rebooting nodes; however, there is still the Orion internal event for a Node Reboot that still happens every 5 minutes for these devices.

      Is there anything I can do to make these Orion internal events go away for these two devices?

      P.S.  I acknowledge that this is a problem with the devices and not with Orion and am also pursuing a solution with the device vendor but would like to help the sanity of my NOC Techs by getting rid of the events if at all possible.