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    Tripp Lite Smart2200 UPS


      My office is using a handful of Tripp Lite Smart2200s.  I can not see these devices in the NPM even though the latest OIDs have been added to the MIB database.  When I test the OID(s) in Universal Device Poller, I get "A value was not returned". 

      I did an MIB walk and found nothing regarding a UPS.  I also performed an SNMP scan of the network and did not find the "tripplite" community, which is the community Tripp Lite said is the default on their devices.   The UPS' show up fine in Tripp Lite's network monitoring software.

      I'm not using the add on SNMP NIC with these UPS.  I am using the Poweralert client software which, according to Tripp Lite, enables SNMP on the client.

      Any ideas?

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          Hi bkrull--

          Start by performing a network discovery using the tripplite community string. Report back on your results.



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              Thanks for the reply Marie.  I ran a network discovery using Tripplite as the community string but nothing was discovered.  On what port does the network discovery run?  I know the Tripplites  are on port 3664 (versus 161).

              I ran a similar product, Oldview Professional, and did a scan for the IP of the station that the UPS is connected to.  I used Tripplite as the community name and 3664 for the port name.  It found the Poweralert software under OID and said the OID for the device is

              Whenever I try to add the node in Orion NPM, I am receiving the message "{SERVER} does not support the Interfaces MIB."

              So the questions I have are: 1.  What does this error mean? and 2.  Since the UPS operates as a device off of the client station, is it possible to monitor two identical IPs - even though they belong to different SNMP communities on different ports?