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    Network Atlas - some suggestions


      I have been using the Atlas heavily for a few weeks now, making several nested maps.  While it is a great product it is lacking in some areas.


      1) In the main screen you can only sort nodes by vendor, machine type and custom properties.  However location and contact are left out which would be what I would have used and when I have 1000 nodes sorting through them is tough.

      2) While you can easily select all graphic ohjects easily and change them at the same time you cannot do this with text labels.  If you want to change 50  of them you have touch all 50.

      3) You should be able to create templates for object and label settings.  As it sits now all you can do is choose the current graphic and every label needs to be edited.

      4) The name of the map shows above the map in the website which is not very clean as map names may look strange to users.  I have a ton of maps so I name them according to a few different things.  It would be better of there was an editable field you could change.

      Lastly the whole program seems to suffer from poor performance sometimes taking as long as 3-5 seconds to load a map or go from map to map.