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    Problem with restarting services.

      Hi All

      I'm trying to restart services from within a monitor, It lets me search the name and select the credential to restart it but when i select the service list i ger an error see below.


      Unable to obtain the list of services from "BASSERMON02". Reason: An attempt  was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (0xb)

      Does anybody have any clues as to what this is. ?

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          Hi Raidmeuk,

          This is normally due to invalid information specified within the Credential being used.  Try opening the Credential by going to "Configuration -> Credential List" and clicking the "Reinitialize" button.  Once this is done, reenter the username using of the following formats:

          For domain account:

          For Local account

          • .\username
          • username

          Reenter the password, confirm it and select the "Usage restrictions" that relate to the type of account this is.

          Once this is all reentered and saved, try listing the services again.

          Let me know if this helps.


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