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    Options for executing External Process remotely?


      I'm trying to monitor availability of some apps that are difficult to monitor (Hyperion EPM / System 9 modules). 

      I have a script that uses a command line interface to log into an application to check it's health, but that command line interface exe only exists on the application server.  The infrastructure admins don't want to install the command line interface tool on the IPMonitor server, so I'm sort of stuck.

      Any suggestions?

      By the way, IPMonitor is new to me, but it looks like a fantastic tool.  I'm just starting to dabble, but I plan to utilize the File Property, HTML/ASP (or HTTP User Experience), SQL: ADO - User Experience, and several other more common monitor types for this solution. 


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          Hello mcahren,

          Sounds like you would need to run psexec on the ipMonitor system and have it run the command with it's parameters on the remote system.  More on how to do this is found within the following Thwack post:

          Automatic Restart of services using external process

          Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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              Hi Fodome,

              Thanks for your response.  I tried to configure this as specified, but the monitor is failing with, "status: The remote device timed out before sending a response".

              The command is never making it to the remote machine, I confirmed this by reducing the CheckEssbase.vbs script to just an echo to a log file, and it isn't being fired.  

              Any ideas?

              I made sure that PSExec works on the IPMonitor server (had to acknowledge the EULA).  I also gave plenty of time for the external task to complete (maximum test duration = 60 seconds).  The user for the external process as well as the remote call are admins on both servers.

              My settings:

              Executable Name: psexec.exe

              Directory: c:\windows\system32\

              Command Line Parameters:  \\rchvmhesbt1 -u corp16\jdm22 -p mypassword cscript.exe e:\hyperion\scripts\checkessbase\CheckEssbase.vbs

              Startup Directory:  c:\windows\system32\

              This command works when called from a command prompt from my workstation as psexec \\rchvmhesbt1 -u corp16\jdm22 -p mypassword cscript.exe e:\hyperion\scripts\checkessbase\CheckEssbase.vbs .. the error code is returned in about 5 seconds (0 or -1 as specified in my CheckEssbase vbs script depending on the simulated scenario - up/down).