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    Saturation of the network by the NPM server


      Hello everyone,
      I deployed Solarwinds at a customer's site. My NPM server monitores more than 6,200 objects.
      The NPM server characteristics are:
      CPU = 3 GHz core 4
      RAM = 3.75 GB
      HDD = 40 GB
      When I start Orion services, they saturate the memory (RAM) of monitored Cisco routers and switches. The RAM usage increases from 20% to 53%.
      The CPU load in the NPM server climbs from 30% to 100% instantly.

      If anyone can help me solve this problem, I wait for your suggestions.
      Thank you in advance.


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          So are you having a problem with the NPM server's ram/CPU maxing out, or with the routers and switches ram/CPU maxing out?

          I guess a little more detail would be helpful.

          If it's the server, the only advice I can offer is make sure you don't have SQL database on the same machine as the NPM software. I have similar resources on my server and my db has 15,000 objects in it - plus I have NTA on there too, which is a pretty resource-intense module. But I had to offload the database because it was bogging the machine down. SW recommends this too.

          As far as the routers and switches are concerned, 53% memory usage isn't really a big deal. Did you make any changes to the switch/router configs themselves? Like maybe turn on netflow, QoS or SLA? If Orion is the only difference, what's your polling rate at and how many OIDs did you turn on - I have standard 2 minute polling intervals and the memory/CPU usage doesn't change much by turning on the Orion Services.

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              Thank you Quantus for responding

              In fact I have two problems:
              1 - the first one is the rise of the burden of RAM on routers and switches when I start NPM services
              2 - the second one is the rise of the CPU load on the NPM server when I start NPM services

              The following modules are installed in my server:
              - NPM (SLX v9.5.1)
              - APM (AL100 v3)
              - IPAM (IPX)
              - NTA (SLX v3.6)
              - IP SLA (for 5 devices)
              - NCM (DL200 v5)

              Note: NCM is installed on a separate server than NPM.
              The SQL Server 2005 (Enterprise) database is installed on a separate server too.
              NetFlow is enabled on six routers.

              - Nodes = 10min
              - Interfaces networks = 9min
              - Volume = 15min
              When I start the Orion services, RAM and CPU climb significantly and my customer complains that the snmp queries saturate the resources of his routers and switches.

              Best regards