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    Comparing Netflow traffic chart to NPM


      I have been trying to compare the results of NTA 3.6 top transmitter chart (15 min) and the NPM v10 min/max/avg bps transmitted chart. Both the applications are on the same server  and the result attached is for the same router interface (router connected to 16mbps Internet leased line).

      I want to understand why NTA reported a peak rate of approxiamtely 8.5mbps @ 9:32 and 9:35 (see nfv9.jpg) whilst NPM (on the same server) reported a comparable single peak of 8mbps but sometime around 6:30 (see swchart.jpg). Is it something to do with NPM statistics settings? because I havent changed anything there.

      Also when I select NTA chart but for 4 hours (attached image nfv9 4hours.jpg) I do not find any peak rate of 8.5mbps that was displayed by the 15 min chart. The max peak rate I see is approx. 5.5mbps at 7:00. I want to understand how the information is displayed or averaged out.

      All Help is appreciated


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          I'm not sure if this will answer your questions, but here's some things I found helpful in trying to understand these types of things

          -Default time before NTA starts compressing/averaging data is 180 minutes, so if it's been more than three hours you're going to start to see peaks drop some as they're averaged.

          -Netflow doesn't show up until the transfer is completed. This is not true of the Min/Max/Average.

          -In general, the Min/Max/Average charts are much more useful for determining exact bandwidth usage at a specific moment. Netflow charts tend to be smoother and off a bit in time - what they can do is show you what type of traffic is happening.