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    IPAM Manual Scan



      Ive recently noticed that everytime i made a manual scan on any subnet, it seems like the scan runs incomplete because the scan finish in only one refresh (30 sec) but when the same subnet is scan automatic the scan runs complete and it takes nearly 4 minutes to finish scanning. 


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          Any resolution on this problem? I'm running IPAM eval on a test NPM box and it's not scanning at all.

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              hhernandez, this should not be happening. If you are still experiencing this, I recommend you call support.

              swack, if your scans aren't running, please make sure scanning is enabled at the subnet level. Click Manage Subnets, select a subnet, click Properties. At the bottom you should see an option for Automatic Scanning, Disable Automatic Scanning. Make sure this box is not checked. Also, make sure this is enabled at the global level, click on Settings -> IPAM Settings -> Subnet Scan Settings.


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                  Hi Mav,

                  I think i do not make myself clear, the automatic scanning is working good, the problem is the manual scanning--> sometimes i need a more recient status of a subnet so i run a manual scanning but it doesn't scan.

                  right now i don´t have this problem any more but i think you should investigate about it.