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    Interface info for  PIX, ASA

      I need to be able to querry Pix and ASAs and have them  bring back the interface information for each interface to a report.  It is a simple command  "sh ip" is all that is needed to display what I'm looking for, but I can't seem to make it work with the standard activity types.  Has anyone created a custom activity that I could use to automate this process?

      Thanks for your responses,

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Gary,

          If you want to just capture the command output in a text file, then the Device.CLI.Send commands activity should work fine with this; however if you want to format the data into a report style, then you are correct in that a custom activity will be required for this.

          With any luck, someone on the forum may have already done this; else take a look at the following on-line help file page which has information on how to set a custom activity up and also where the provided template files are located:  http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/act_creatingcustomactivity.htm

          You may be able to use the provided template for most of your activity; the only trickier part will be the parsing out of the data.   From what I have seen on our test lab 5505, the data appears to be returned in a table type format, so you may need to split your data on (say) a CrLf and then loop through extracting your data from each line.