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    ESX Credentials Error with Orion v10 - Solved!


      Well, the docs on how to do this are way way way short... I'll post a tip sheet later today, but here's the quick and dirty hidden secrets.

      1. The individual service accounts MUST be created on each ESX server. Centralized virtual center accounts don't work
      2. The WEB access ports MUST be opened on the vm firewall on the ESX server for the service account
      3. If your ESX server was UPGRADED to 4, you'll still see all the info in SNMP. Fresh installs of ESX4 you'll see next to nothing with SNMP ... doesn't even recognize it as an ESX box (you'll see net-snmp)
      4. AND NOW THE BIGGIE>>> The service accounts MUST be assigned to at least one of the VM's on the ESX server or it won't work! Supposedly this is a bug on the ESX side. The bummer is if later on, the "picked" Vm is deleted, the Orion monitoring will STOP... and you'll wonder why.