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    Getting Started with SQL Queries


      I apologize in advance if this post is too redundant.  I've tried digging through the loads of excellent content within the forum, and have found a great deal of SQL queries I'll be hard pressed to find once again when I'm ready for them, but for now I need help getting started.

      As many others, I'm not s SQL guy buy I've done some work with it.

      To make this short, my question is: "Where do I start?"

      I've seen the queries created by the filters once I create new onces, and I've seen posts about custom queries you can enter into SQL Enterprise Manager or into the Solarwinds Report tool.  But I'm not sure where to start to paste a simple filter into either place in order to get my feet wet. 

      Is there a tutorial that someone wise has already posted up here, or is there a post that I've missed that already explains all of this?  I hope so.  If not, then would one of you brilliant SQL guru's mind taking a few moments to send me down the right path?  I do imagine that my queries will get quite in depth, and I've noticed that anything too advanced will require use of SQL Enterprise Manager instead of the Solarwinds built in tools.  So instructions to use both would be very appreciated.

      Thanks sincerely in advance everyone.