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    Generate alert on event



      I would like to generate an alert on an event and have the alert emailed to me.

      I noticed that one of my nodes sparked an alert on it's host details page when a "volume dissapeared". I would like to write an alert that will send an email based on that event.

      I have looked in the alert manager but cannot find a way to trigger based on the event - can anybody advise if this is possible and how to do it?




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          Event triggers would be nice, but they don't seem to be possible at the moment unless you set up a trigger on the SQL database itself, which would also need to be the thing which actually sends the alert. It's easy with T-SQL though.

          See this image for the alert I've set up for this exact problem - it does work fine:


          I use this alert text; the variable could do with being a bit different though:


          Volume: ${FullName}

          Orion Status: ${Status}

          Monitoring of disk space for this volume has probably stopped.

          This is normally a problem with Solarwinds as opposed to an issue with the server or volume itself.

          In some cases this alert can be triggered by renaming or removing a volume.

          If this volume is on a SAN, it may need to be removed & re-added to Solarwinds due to the SNMP IDs changing.

          This alert will repeat every 60 minutes while there is a problem with the volume. If the volume is removed and re-added to Solarwinds, then a "recovery" email will likely NOT be sent, because the original volume will no longer exist.