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    Report Writer - Limitations / Duplicate Nodes Discovered


      Is there a way or any plans to include a 'show sql code' function in the report writer as it has numerous limitations, If users could see the code behind the report, then adapt it slightly the report writer would give everyone what they needed..fully customisable!!

      One problem I have found is that we have duplicate nodes (names not IP addresses), depending on where they were scanned from.. example:

      I know they exist as I can see them in sql, and when I add the node id in report writer is also shows me.. but you cannot properly do a dupe check, as when you take the node id out, and list Node name/ System Name and perform a count on this field it seems to 'de-dupe' the returned list for you, but what it should do is return the full list with a count of duplicate names in column 2.

      Now this is issue one, and could easily be fixed by adding the 'view sql code' for this report function. As users could then modify the actual code - which probably has a DISTINCT select in it for some reason!?

      I would then also add that these nodes should not of been added into the orion database, it should of surely picked up all of these as duplicate Node names? then added the IP address to the existing node as an alternate interface type /poll status?