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    Collection Module "Offline"

      I have a bunch of devices listed in Profiler that don't seem to be collecting any data.   On each device when i click on the stop light icon, i can see that the Collection Module is offline.   I am new to this program so i dont really know where to start.


      All the devices i have are EMC and i do have a few that are actually collecting data. Those devices also have that module as Offline.  


      Maybe my question should then be, what do i need to have running to collect data?



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          The collection module will be online only for the agent on the Profiler Server. It will be offline for all other agents. If you selected an agent other than the Profiler Server agent for collecting data from your EMC devices, then there is nothing to be concerned about the status of the collection module.  Which EMC devices are you trying to monitor? Have you installed and configured the SMI-S Provider for EMC?

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              We have this setup to manage the following:


              CX3-80 x2



              AX4-5 x2


              Out of all those, only the CX4-480 is polling data.  What i have been told is that there are 2-3 profiler servers running with those devices split between them.    They are all using agent version 4.11.0

              I have heard that there might be an issue with SMI-S provider when polling EMC arrays.  that it might get to many connection requests and just stop working. 


              I didnt set this system up and it is my first time messing with it so i am at a big disadvantage in trying to explain this.