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    Issues with Time Difference script

      I am using the Time Difference Between 2 Windows systems script with an external process monitor and I need some assistance.  I can get the monitor to work but it never returns an alert.  For example:  I tested the following from the command line

      c:windows\system32\cscript.exe "C:\Program Files\ipMonitor7\scripts\time_difference.vbs" server1 server2 0.000001

      and it returns the correct times and the time is "greater than"  However, when I put these same parameters in the external monitor it never alerts and is always returning a 0 value when it should be getting a 1 value.

      Can anyone help with this?

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          Hello Jdretan,

          Looking at the script, it appears to accept number of seconds as a whole number (Integer).  This means that decimal numbers will not work.

          Having that said, can you try setting the Seconds to '1' and see if that works more reliably.

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