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    Missing Virtual Interfaces On Linux With net-snmp

      I'm currently testing the NPM application in an environment with both linux and windows nodes but just realized that NPM is unable to find virtual interfaces created on linux hosts. net-snmp is installed and an snmpwalk does show the virtual interfaces ip addresses yet when I try to manually add a device, only the primary interfaces (i.e eth0, eth1 and lo) show up in the list of resources to monitor! Am I missing something here? Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.


      P.S: Im using Orion NPM v10 on a Windows Server 2008 R2.

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          I got similar problem with snmp-linux devices before (Debian Linux on Kuro Box). It was a case of snmp config files for device.


          I found what necessary SNMP configuration changes are to do on Kuro config files:

          in snmpd.conf file:

          first step

          # sec.name source community

          com2sec readonly default <your Orion snmp com. string>

          #com2sec readonly default public

          #com2sec readwrite default private



          #com2sec paranoid default public

          com2sec local <your Orion snmp com. string>

          com2sec localNet <IP mask for local net, ex:> /24 <your Orion snmp com. string>

          #com2sec readwrite default private


          Second Step


          # Second, map the security names into group names:

          # sec.model sec.name

          group MyROSystem v1 paranoid

          group MyROSystem v2c paranoid

          group MyROSystem usm paranoid

          group MyROGroup v1 readonly

          group MyROGroup v2c readonly

          group MyROGroup usm readonly

          group MyRWGroup v1 readwrite

          group MyRWGroup v2c readwrite

          group MyRWGroup usm readwrite


          group MyROSystem v1 local

          group MyROSystem v2c local

          group MyROSystem usm local

          group MyROGroup v1 localnet

          group MyROGroup v2c localnet

          group MyROGroup usm localnet

          group MyRWGroup v1 local

          group MyRWGroup v2c local

          group MyRWGroup usm local

          Third Step


          # Third, create a view for us to let the groups have rights to:

          # incl/excl subtree mask

          view all included .1 80

          view system included .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.system

          Don't chnage anything here leave this one as default setting

          Final Step


          # Finally, grant the 2 groups access to the 1 view with different

          # write permissions:

          # context sec.model sec.level match read write notif

          access MyROSystem "" any noauth exact system none none

          access MyROGroup "" any noauth exact all none none

          access MyRWGroup "" any noauth exact all all none

          Don't change anything here leave this one as default setting.



          Then change in snmp.conf as below:

          com2sec paranoid default public

          #com2sec readonly default public

          #com2sec readwrite default private


          #com2sec paranoid default public

          com2sec readonly <your Orion snmp com. string>

          #com2sec readwrite default private

          Above are explained at http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/snmp.htm

          Please have a look - maybe it can help you.

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              Hi Jaroslaw,


              I tested your configuration but still no luck: adding the linux node still doesnt show the virtual interfaces. I honestly doubt that the issue was really the snmp configuration in the first place but rather with solarwinds. As I previously mentioned, an snmpwalk does show all the virtual interfaces and I even used the solarwinds mib walk tool and confirmed that they are indeed showing! Any other insight? Thanks in advance.